Q&A with Sharon Duce

Fulham Focus’ Dannyboi spoke to Fulham supporter and actress Sharon Duce about her memories supporting the club. Sharon was heavily involved in the fight to save Fulham Football Club from merging with QPR as well […]

Audio Q&A

Audio Q&A with Paul Thorpe

Paul Thorpe was the club’s first Internet Manager working alongside several Fulham managers during that period. He also created the fans forum ‘The Fulham Independent (TFI)’ in the late 90’s and played a big part […]


Q&A with Elaine Boisclair

Elaine Boisclair is a Fulham fan many supporters will recognise as the face of the Fulham Flutter. Nicknamed ‘Fluts’ for obvious reasons, Fulham Focus’ Dannyboi asked Elaine about her experiences supporting the club and why […]