Interview: Elaine Boisclair (Fulham Flutter)

Elaine Boisclair is a Fulham fan many supporters will recognise as the face of the Fulham Flutter. Nicknamed ‘Fluts’ for obvious reasons, Elaine also happens to be the mother of our Podcast host Matt (Frenchy). Daniel Smith spoke to Elaine about her experiences supporting the club and why she got involved with the Flutter in the first place…

DSDo you remember your first experience of Craven Cottage?

EB – My first match at The Cottage came in 1969 although as I was born and raised in Kent, my first taste of professional football was at The Priestfield when my father took me aged 11 years old. I think the opposition was Bury although I don’t remember the result, just being freezing cold (it was an evening kick-off). Dad told me to stamp my feet to get warm and I’ve taken that advice ever since, but thankfully thermals have helped during cooler times by the river!

DS So if your Dad took you to Gillingham as a kid I’m assuming Fulham wasn’t a family tradition, so why Fulham?

EB – As for my allegiance with and to ‘The Mighty Whites’ I was taken to my first Fulham game by my then boyfriend and have followed them ever since. A strange connection I guess because I was a Kent girl then, and now live in Berkshire. The grip was instant and I was an immediate part of the Fulham family.

DS What made you get involved with the Fulham Flutter?

EB – Because from the off I felt that I belonged, I wanted to be more involved in the match day experience and thus decided to become a Fulham flutter seller.

DS Did you ever call out the wrong winning ticket number by mistake lol?

EB – Admin in the office were responsible for announcing the winning ticket numbers, not the sellers.

DS Obviously it’s self-explanatory why you are nicknamed ‘Fluts’ but who & how did it start?

EB – I was given the nickname of ‘Fluts’ by the punters and when I retired my lovely husband, Rob, bought me the perfect gift of the cherished ‘F1uts’ plate for my car which not only identifies me as a person but also recognises my affinity with Fulham Football Club. 

DS Do you think there’s a market for the Flutter to make a comeback?

EB – Definitely, I would love to see the Fulham Flutter return!

DS We met when I was a lot younger. I bought a ticket off you a few times, never won though lol. I suppose you know hundreds of supporters from selling tickets?

EB – Over the years I got to know hundreds of faces, some of whom I still see today. Its great believing in and wanting the same things for our Club.

DS Why did the Fulham Flutter stop?

EB – Don’t know why they stopped doing the Flutter. I finished a couple of years prior but I feel it would be good to reinstate it.

DS Do you miss the old days, the enclosure and the few hundreds of us as opposed to the way the club is now? A lot changed with the premier league, didn’t it?

EB – Of course I miss the ‘old’ days but we have and are still nurturing a new generation of fans and it’s still fabulous to see the familiar faces from 1969 when I started to support Fulham, and even now we exchange a hug – we’ve been through so much.

DS You must have an interesting story to tell considering your involvement with the club for so long?

EB – Whilst on our way to Burnley one Friday afternoon a few moons ago, my son, Matt and I stopped at the Hilton services on the M6 for a drink and a bathroom break. When we were ready to depart, there standing by the front door were Pesch, Steve Hayward and Tony Thorpe awaiting collection by the Fulham bus to take them to the area for the match the following day. I can remember saying to them ‘what are you three doing here?’ A conversation of course followed about them each living in the Birmingham area and then we went on our way, wishing them well for the match the following day. A surreal experience. 

DS Do you still go to the games?

EB – I get to the matches when I can but to supplement my visits I subscribe to the Club which enables me to listen to all matches when Jim and Jamie paint the pictures. I still feel very much part of the special Fulham family.

DS What’s your favourite match over the years? 

EB – A match which I would rate as one of my all-time favourites would have to be the 4-1 win against Hereford on a sunny afternoon at The Cottage when Messrs Moore, Best and Marsh were in residence (1975?) These experiences were spectacular because of their absolute beauty and they are still part of my best memories ever.

DS How about your favourite goal?

EB – As time moves on we have seen many Fulham teams and an assortment of goals. I will never forget the unexpected Jon Harley goal at Loftus Road which came from the left a mile back nor the goal Micky Conroy scored from the halfway line at Wycombe way back when.

DS Thirdly, your favourite Fulham team?

EB – I reckon Jokanovic is a great coach although the Tigana days will take some beating; oh, and the Micky Adams era too.

DS You mention that your husband is a Reading fan and that you live in Berkshire. How do you feel about Reading after the tactics they used in the playoffs and the fact they are turning into a bogey team with refs’ decisions etc. The Kalas sending off, for example, was ridiculous as was the penalty given for handball?

EB – The Madjeski seems to be a bogey ground for Kalas. Results are all that matter and the home side got the better of us with a sprinkling of luck in the playoff (dodgy penalty though!) and the recent game there wasn’t any better.

DS Who has been your favourite Fulham player ever?

EB – So many favourite players, it changes weekly depending on performance. I happen to reckon Kalas is one of our best players at present

DS If I say “Fulham song from the terraces” which song pops into your head straight away?

EB – Can’t take my eyes off you always get the mob singing – and I LOVE it 

DS Finally, pie or pasty – Which filling?

EB – About the match day food: sorry, don’t do pies or pasties- each to their own. My naughtiness extends to a brandy miniature to warm the cockles on a cold day or to calm the nerves if it is a particularly tricky match.