Interview: Shaun Williamson

Shaun Williamson is well known for being a very talented actor but it goes under the radar that he is in fact also a Fulham supporter. Fulham Focus’ Daniel Smith spoke to Shaun to learn a little more about his Fulham story…

DS – I guess the only place to start is by asking how you became a Fulham supporter?

SW – I’m more of a boxing fan than a football one but in the 70’s my friends were all football crazy so I didn’t want to feel left out. Which team to pick though? One night, on MOTD, I saw highlights of Fulham vs Hereford. Marsh and Best were playing for Fulham and it was such an enjoyable spectacle that I followed them there and then.

DS – What’s your earliest memory of Fulham?

SW – My earliest memory of FFC was seeing them lose to West Ham in the 75 cup final and feeling sad for Bobby Moore. 

DS – Who has been the best and worst managers for you personally?

SW – Best manager? Roy, obviously. Worst? Lawrie Sanchez? Hard business though! 

DS – Is there a particular ‘team’ and/or season that you consider to be your favourite?

SW – 2000-01. Promotion to the Premier. Amazing considering the misery of life in the third division only seasons earlier.

DS – What’s your favourite ever Fulham goal?

SW – Davies’ equalizer against Hamburg in the Europa semis. Get in!!! 

DS – The Europa League journey was breathtaking and beyond our wildest dreams. If it’s even possible could you describe how the whole experience felt for you? And what was the highlight of the campaign?

SW – During that remarkable run, I was so busy I missed most matches. Gutted! What I did see will remain a great memory forever though. 

DS – Can you put together your best eleven from your time supporting the club?

SW – No matter how good Johnny Haynes etc were I can only pick from players I’ve seen so have picked the lads who kept us in the Premier League for so long. 

Schwarzer, Finnan, Hughes, Hangeland, Konchesky, Dempsey, Murphy, Clark, Boa Morte, McBride, Saha. 

DS – It’s a great team! Do you have an all-time favourite player?

SW – Danny Murphy. Workhorse. Mister 100 percent.

DS – Let’s move away from Fulham for a minute. How did you get into acting and were there any actors when you were growing up that inspired you?

SW – Heavily inspired by Richard Burton. Came from a similar background and conquered the world. Married Liz Taylor – twice! – And outbid Aristotle Onassis for diamonds. Extraordinary story. 

I had no ambition to be an actor. I was a postman at 16, joined the Navy at 19, worked as a Bluecoat at Pontins, 18-30 club rep, worked in America on Summer camps, stacked shelves in a supermarket, did a lot of bar work. Then in 1989, I went, for reasons I still can’t remember, to the local Am-Dram group and POW! Loved it. Got into Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in 1991 at 27, left at 30 and got into EastEnders in six months of leaving. Lucky!!

DS – Obviously you are well known for being in Eastenders for so long. If Fulham were an Eastenders character, anyone past or present who would they be and why?

SW – Fulham is like Barry Evans. Well-meaning, tries hard but never quite got what he deserved. 

DS – What are your ambitions for the rest of your career?

SW – My ambition is to keep working and get more writing published. I’ve written for an Irish soap opera ‘Red Rock’. 

DS – Back to Fulham Shaun, who do you, consider our biggest rivals?

SW – Obviously QPR, but in the Prem, it was teams like Stoke and WBA for those middle positions. 

DS – How often do you manage to get down to the Cottage? I’d imagine your career makes it quite tricky?

SW – I’m an armchair supporter these days. Boo!!!

DS – Finally Shaun, it’s the main event of the interview. Pie or pasty – which filling?

SW – Beef and potato pie.