Name: Daniel Smith aka Dannyboi

First season: 1994/95

Favourite Goal: Boa vs Blackburn at Loftus Road running the length of the pitch

Favourite Player: Boa Morte

Pie or pasty: Chicken and Mushroom pie

Twitter: @dannyboi_ffc

Podcast Team

Name: Johnny Mac

First season: 2006/07

Favourite Goal: Dennis Odoi (Derby)

Favourite Player: Mousa Dembele the 1st

Pie or Pasty: Pie

Twitter: @j0hnnymacc

Name: Don Love

First season: 2003/04

Favourite Goal: Clint Dempsey vs Juventus

Favourite Player: Danny Murphy

Pie or pasty: Pie

Twitter: @Love4FFC

Name: Matt Domm

First season: 1999/00

Favourite Goal: Kamara winner 3v2 Man City

Favourite Player: Louis Saha

Pie or pasty: Balti Pie

Twitter: @mattdjourno

Name: Matthew Baldwin

First season: 2004/05

Favourite Goal: Davies vs West Brom 2011

Favourite Player: Brian McBride

Pie or Pasty: Neither

Twitter: @MattRhys63

Name: Morgan Calton

First season: 1995/96

Favourite Goal: Pesch vs Liverpool away

Favourite Player: Simon Morgan

Pie or Pasty: Meat-filled, none of that veggie nonsense!

Twitter: @mccalton

Name: Marty ‘McFly’ Ward

First season: 1990/91

Favourite Goal: Dempsey v Juventus

Favourite Player: Louis Saha

Pie or Pasty: Pie

Twitter: @martyw82

Name: Matt Arter 

First season: 2005/06

Favourite Goal: Dempsey v Juventus

Favourite Player: Hangeland

Pie or Pasty: Pie

Twitter: @HakunaMattarter

Regular Contributors

Name: Alex Hillier

First season: 2008/09

Favourite Goal: Obvious really but has to be TC at Wembley

Favourite Player: McDonald/ C Dempsey

Pie or pasty: Pie

Twitter: @AHillier21

Name: Matt Lampitt aka Matt10

First season: 2003/04

Favourite Goal: Dempsey’s chip vs Juventus

Favourite Player: Clint Dempsey

Pie or pasty: No idea, pie, does it have meat in it?

Twitter: @Matt10L

Name: John Clarke

First season: 1971/72

Favourite Goal: Gordon Davies vs Chesterfield 1-0 in 1982

Favourite Player: Gordon Davies

Pie or pasty: Pie

Twitter: @sallez3

Name: Dave Wilson

First season: 1968/69

Favourite Goal: Simon Davies vs Hamburg

Favourite Player: Ivor

Pie or pasty: Pie (Meat & Potato)

Twitter: @StatoDave

Social Media

Name: Christine Hu

First Season: 2006/07

Favourite Goal: 15,000 Volz

Favourite Player: Dempsey, Bocanegra and McBride (can I have 3?)

Pie or Pasty: let me get back to you on this…

Twitter: @xtinehu

Backroom Staff

Name: Robin Weller

First season: 1996/97

Favourite Goal: Dempsey vs Juve

Favourite Player: Louis Saha

Pie or pasty: Pie (Sweet or savoury)