Fulham Focus was established in November 2017 and is an independent website created by the fans for the fans. We hope to provide you with a variety of coverage on all things Fulham. After all, what else is there to ‘Focus’ on?!

Fulham are and always have been a family club with supporters of all generations. So between our Podcast, Q&A series, Blog, Quizzes and YouTube Channel, we hope that our website caters to Fulham fans of all ages.


The Fulham Focus podcast is a weekly show where the pod team react/preview the most recent results/fixtures in the Fulham calendar with the occasional special guest.

We’ll typically aim to release the show on a Tuesday morning and you can subscribe via iTunes or any other Podcast app. Alternatively, you can listen through your browser on the website itself.


All Q&As are conducted by Dannyboi who interviews a wide range of people learning more about their experience whilst representing Fulham FC. The majority of these are done with ex-players spanning across all decades from the 1960s onwards. There are also Q&As with former members of staff, celebrity fans and supporters who have served the club in a unique way.

Most Q&As are released as articles but there are several audio ones which you can listen to by subscribing to our podcast or via your browser on the website.


As mentioned at the top of the page, we Focus on all things Fulham and nothing illustrates that more than our Blog. The majority of our articles are written by the Focus team with ages differing by 45 years in some cases. This provides a wide range of perspectives and styles covering topics from current affairs to events, moments and personnel from our entire history.

Hall of Heroes

Themed on the more commonly used term ‘Hall of Fame’, this section is dedicated to anyone who has served the club that we consider worthy to be classed as a Fulham hero. Every month or so, an article is written paying tribute to the nominated person’s career/dedicated time to the club as they are inducted into the Fulham Focus Hall of Heroes.


Have a go at Dave’s series of Fulham related quizzes and see if you can master his challenges. While you’re there, see if you can beat the clock to name the Fulham starting line up from past matches by playing our Missing Men game.


Our YouTube Channel is run by Matt10 & Luke Jennings who Focus mainly on the gaming aspect of the sport we all love. Creating iconic Fulham teams & putting them head to head in tournaments, competing against supporters of other clubs as well as many other interesting ideas. From the classic PES6 to the latest PES & FIFA games, they cover all things Fulham in the gaming world.

Check it out and subscribe to our channel.

Fantasy Football

We also have our own Fantasy Football League and invite all supporters to join up and compete against the Focus Team.

League Code – 792968-176694

That’s the website explained, to learn more about the supporters who contribute, check out our meet the team pageThank you for visiting Fulham Focus, we hope you enjoy the experience!