Playoff Semi-Final: Halfway Views

Image: Andrew Coulridge via

Derby view (@DWaltonOfficial)

How do you think the first leg went? I think the first leg went well! The atmosphere was absolutely immense and think it rattled your players a little! Yes, you dominated the game but no point in dominating if you’re not getting clear-cut chances and I think we did really well on the counter!

How do you think the second leg will play out? If Derby can play similar to how we did on Friday, I feel as if we’ll get the job done! The first goal will be absolutely crucial and if Derby get it, I think the tie will be over!

Prediction? Fulham 1 – 2 Derby

Fulham view (@MattRhys63)

How do you think the first leg went? Whatever Slav said to the players at halftime, he needs to start telling them that before the first half. We were so poor in the first half and I can’t put my finger on why. I thought maybe he was conserving energy to go all find blazing at the home leg, but that just wouldn’t make sense. Much better in the second half & could/should have scored.

How do you think the second leg will play out? The second leg I think will just be an elongated version of the second half, with 90% of the traffic going towards Derby’s goal and them being a nightmare to break down. Our best two chances at Pride Park came from long shots and we cannot be scared to try them again. Tom Cairney was great at them last season, and he may need to do the same again on Monday.

Prediction? I stand by my previous prediction. Fulham 1-0 Derby, Fulham win on penalties.