Good Luck Messages from the #FulhamFamily

For a Fulham fan, the joy of preparing to see our team at Wembley is very special. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity or at least it’s felt like it! You’ve been outstanding this season and I’m sure you are already aware of the celebrations at the final whistle against Derby County, how proud we are of you all. As fans, all we can do is our bit, be your 12th man and we will be behind you every step of the way on Saturday.

Here are some messages of encouragement from a few fans, fanzines & ex-players. The latter who’ve been promoted with our club in the past and hope that you follow in their footsteps. Leading the tributes are some of the players who got us to Wembley 43 years ago…


“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 43 years since Fulham last played at Wembley. I remember it so well and so do the fans of that era. They played a big part in our campaign and so have today’s fans in what has been a truly magnificent season. I wish our boys lots of luck and urge them to relax and enjoy the occasion and to play with the passion and skill that they have shown all season. I want them to go one better than my team of 1975 and bring the trophy and the premiership back to the fans and the cottage.
Good luck lads, you’ve thoroughly deserved this day at Wembley, now finish the job to end what has been a most magnificent season.”

Les Strong (1975 FA Cup Team & Promoted 1981/82)

“It’s been a very long time since I scored the semi-final goals that enabled us to make our only appearance to date at Wembley in the 1975 Cup Final. I am very confident that we will be victorious and our lads, who have been quite magnificent this season, deserve the chance to show the EPL their special brand of football. Best of luck lads.”

John Mitchell (1975 FA Cup Team)

“What a fantastic opportunity to play at Wembley. It was my childhood dream and I just don’t know where 43 years have gone, but I can assure you that the memories will stay with you as they have with me. I remember our captain, Alan Mullery telling us to try and enjoy every second as it would pass in a flash. He was absolutely right. Not only the game but the whole weekend passed so quickly. The Fulham games I’ve been lucky enough to see over the last couple of seasons have been a joy to watch. You have played the game the way it should be played, the Fulham way. A credit to the club. Just try and enjoy every second. Give everything you possibly can and have no regrets. Leave nothing out there. Good luck to you all. I’m wishing every one of you all the best. Make it a fantastic day for everyone involved with FFC.”

John Fraser (1975 FA Cup Team)

“Well can’t wait for Saturday to see my beloved Fulham play at Wembley I’m there with 17 family and friends including my wife Karen my son Adam and daughters Natalie and Sophie and their partners but most of all my 82year old mum Molly Wilson she has not seen Fulham since I played there so it’s s special day for us all I was only 14 when we played there in 75 I was on school boy forms with Fulham then was a good day out despite ye result I’m just hoping tom and the lads just perform like we have for most of the season and we can win the game and 38,000 of us can celebrate in style I’m flying back early from my holiday in Spain Saturday morning, looking forward to meeting all you FFC fans around and in Wembley.”

Robert Wilson (Promoted 1981/82)

“Good luck to all the players and coaching staff on Saturday. It’s a huge occasion with a pot of Premier league gold at the end of it. Let’s hope the rainbow lands on Craven Cottage. Bring it home boys.

Dale Tempest (Promoted 1981/82)

“Good luck Saturday to Fulham, be great to see them back in the Premier League where they truly belong. As an ex-Fulham Goalkeeper best wishes to Marcus Bettinelli and teammates. COYW’s!”

Jim Stannard (Promoted 1981/82)

“Wishing Fulham FC all the best on an unbelievable season. If you believe it, you can achieve it…
Hope all the players and everyone associated with the club get what they deserve, enjoy!”

Darren Freeman (Promoted 1996/97)

“Best of luck to the players, staff & supporters of Fulham FC at Wembley this weekend. Would love to see the club get back to where it belongs COYW”

Robbie Herrera (Promoted 1996/97)

“I would love to send my best wishes to the management, players and to all the fantastic supporters of Fulham FC aiming to get back to the Premier League.
It’s been a great season, now make it the best season and win at Wembley and become legends.
It’s a great club, now put it back where it belongs!”

Neil Smith (Promoted 1998/99)

“Good luck lads! If there is any justice in the game, you will go on to win the final! Best footballing side in the championship by a country mile! Make sure you have no regrets!”

Paul Peschisolido (Promoted 1998/99)

“The team have been magnificent this season, but they wouldn’t have done it without the great support of the wonderful Fulham fans. It’s going to be a great day at Wembley for both the fans and players if Fulham play their game there’s only one winner

Rufus Brevett (Promoted 1998/99 & 2000/01)

“It has been a pleasure watching you guys this season, playing intelligent, attacking football. Wembley is the perfect venue for your style of play. A classy stadium for a classy team. I would like to wish the Manager, his staff and all the team the very best of luck for the match. You have all done the club proud this season, so let’s finish on a high. The Premier League will be a better place with you guys there.”

John Collins (Promoted 2000/01)

“All the very best to the players, staff, and fans of FFC on Saturday.
It’s been an unbelievable season and for me, the club deserves to go up.
I really hope that Fulham win and return to the Premier League back where the club belongs!”

Aaron Hughes (Europa League Final 2009/10)

Fulham Fanzines/Groups/Supporters

“Good luck to the whole squad and management team! What a fantastic run; what a phenomenal effort – now let’s have another supreme concerted effort to get us over the line! Fans and players united at Wembley – COYW”

David Lloyd (TOOFIF)

“I now dream about you blokes more than I do my next-door neighbour’s wife. And she is HOT! You have played with such style, heart and never say die spirit it has brought the fans together like few Fulham sides before you. You deserve the chance to show what you can do on the big stage and we all want to see you together again the top flight. Win it in normal time and we will all give our butlers the weekend off.”

White Noise

“The Fulham Supporters Trust is primarily engaged in sorting out supporters’ issues. After all, we are the body set up to directly represent the voices of Fulham fans. Our Board members have been Fulham supporters for life and yet very few of us have seen Fulham at Wembley. 43 years is an astonishingly long time to miss out on Wembley given all the possible routes nowadays. However, the long wait has made this day of reckoning even more special. From fighting for our very survival to ensuring we remain at our historic ground, Fulham fans have been battling hardened for years. This is our day now, our deserved day out in the sun. This is for all of us, for those lucky enough to be there, for those unable to make it and for those no longer with us.
Our time has come.”

Fulham Supporters Trust

“On behalf of the team at TTHQ and all our associates, we’d like to wish Slavisa and the boys all the best of luck going into Saturday’s Playoff Final at Wembley. All your hard work, commitment, has led to this point. One final game, one last push, and one more step away from the Premiership elite.
You can do this boys. The #whitewall is 100% behind you as your 12th man.
Let’s get this great club back where it rightly belongs.
COYW Scott, Chris, Mike & Nicky”

Turnstile Talk

“Winning at Wembley: there’s arguably no greater motivation in English football. Scoring that winning goal against a backdrop of 38,000 fans clad in white, 43 years after the team were last there and sealing your place back in the Premier League…even the thought of it fills me with emotion. This season has been an extraordinary journey; now go finish the job and cement your place as the Legends of 2018!
From the whole Focus team”

Fulham Focus

“Here we go then, our first appearance at Wembley in 43 years, and one game from a return to the Premier League. We all deserve a win on Saturday. Slavisa and the boys have been magnificent and given us memories in 2018 that will last a lifetime. The fans have also been exceptional, and have rallied like never before, both in numbers and voice. Fulham is well and truly back on the map, now let’s get the job done.
Enjoy the day out, and remember, whatever happens, we’ve all done ourselves proud this season.
From everybody at Fulhamish, COYW.”


“To the players, coaching staff and everyone at Fulham, the best of luck on Saturday at Wembley. All of us at Cottage Talk have talked about how this team has been special, as each player simply does his job for the team. Fulham throughout the season have also just found different ways to win, and we are confident you will do it once again on Saturday.
Thank you for this special season and all the best on Saturday!

Cottage Talk

From Craven Cottage by the river to
Underneath the Wembley arch
Leave it all on the pitch and we’ll leave it all in the stands.
Harness the memories of this incredible season.
All you have to do on Saturday is what you do best:
Make your unbeatable blend of perfect passes, tough tackles and fantastic footwork.

From Entertainers last season to Warriors now-
Create the chances, fight to win and claim the prize”


“At Wembley on Saturday, we are the same gang of four who were there 43 years ago for the Cup Final. My son, David Junior, and our friends Ray and Mike Jenkins. Mike is flying over especially from America for the game. It`s been a long wait.
It`ll be the biggest gathering of Fulham fans for a long time, if ever. What a day out for us all. Sky Sports have asked me to record a poem, just like the one I did for the match at Hamburg. I recorded it at The Cottage on Tuesday. Hopefully, this one will bring us better luck than the last one.
What a team we`ve got and what delightful football we`ve played. 23 unbeaten will never be forgotten. Just play your normal game, lads, and we can`t go wrong.
Have a great day out, everyone. See you there.”

‘Diddy’ David Hamilton

“What a day awaits. The players have performed with grace and skill throughout the season. They’ve shown courage and determination in equal measure to get us here. And now our season rests on one huge game. It won’t be a disaster if we don’t go up, but the club deserves promotion and a return to the Premier League.
We are fortunate to support such a great club. We are lucky to have such a committed group of players. Fulham Football Club is together as one and the Khan family should take huge credit for playing a key part in that.
The performance against Derby County, at the Cottage, was nothing short of spectacular. Every player performed heroically. Let’s hope for a repeat at Wembley because another impressive display will bring about the ultimate prize. And like every fellow fan, we simply can’t wait!”

Gentleman Jim & Jamie Reid

“It meant the world to me to see Fulham reach Wembley, to be there at the semi-final with my son and to see the joy it brought to him. I can’t be there on Saturday because of work and that eats me up inside, but my boy will be there and that’s what Fulham is all about to me: family, history, tradition. Craven Cottage is the only place I’ll always refer to as ‘home’ throughout my whole life.
I am not too bothered about being in the Premier League per se. I just don’t want this wonderful, likeable, beautiful team to split up any time soon. So, I hope everyone lucky enough to be there has an absolute ball and can enjoy a Fulham win. COYW.”

Dave Kidd

“To watch Fulham walk out at the home of English football is a dream that I genuinely was not sure I’d get to see. All fans will agree that this season has been fantastic and a trip to the iconic Wembley Stadium seems to be the perfect end to our 23-game unbeaten run. We play the best football in the league and deserve promotion, so fingers crossed we can do the business however, cliché as it sounds, win or lose we can be so proud of everything this team has achieved. Come on you whites!”

Ivan Berry

“I’ve always wanted us to play at Wembley and that dream will become a reality this Saturday. This team can join the likes of Adams, Tigana and Hodgson’s teams in the Fulham folk law. They’ve been amazing this year and they just need to carry on and do what they’ve been doing.
Good luck lads. COYW! #FulForce”


“What an amazing achievement for us to get to Wembley each and every player has been amazing and pushed them self to the limit
It’s time for heroes x”

Magic Mod

“Wow, such a thrill to watch our team play, deservedly, at Wembley after the magic of the season just gone. We’ve seen some scintillating football and wish Slav and the squad well for the biggie on Saturday. Big love and luck xxx”

Elaine Boisclair aka Fluts (Fulham Flutter)

“Every player wearing the Fulham shirt today is the embodiment of the fans in their hopes and dreams…
You have the skills, talent and team ethic and must use them to translate those abilities to fulfil the hopes and dreams to precious reality…
You can make us proud of each one of you; you must believe, as we do, and be true to yourselves in the knowledge that you give your all, and together help write a new successful chapter in this clubs’ history. WE are Fulham…”

Ed Halford aka LBno11

“Having missed the opportunity to see Fulham at Wembley in 1975 as I was living in Australia at the time, this is the first time in my 60 years of supporting Fulham to see them at Wembley. I will be thinking of my Dad who first took me to Craven Cottage in the 1950’s and will give them a cheer for him.
Good luck to you all!”

Norman Reynolds

“It’s absolutely amazing to see my team at Wembley. Taking my son to Wembley is an absolute dream for me, I just want to say to the players, coaching staff and even the tea lady thank you for an amazing season and journey to Wembley. There has been highs and lows, but on the whole, we have played really well. So, go out on Saturday and give it your best shot, but regardless of whether we win or lose you’ve done us all proud.”

Lee Adams

“Congratulations to Slavisa and his coaching staff for successfully introducing an amazing brand of football to our club. It should never be a chore to support your team and thanks to you Slav, and your team, you have brought the fun back to supporting our wonderful club.
As if the unbeaten run of 23 games wasn’t special enough. You have topped it by showing immense character to fight back against Derby, giving closure to all our fans old enough to remember the unjust pain caused by Derby County & their fans 35 years to the day. You also gave closure to every single Fulham fan by giving us the dream of going to Wembley. You saw how much it meant to those who’ve waited 43 years to have another stint at it, likewise the rest of us who are going for the first time. You are already heroes!
Win on Saturday and you will become royalty amongst our club, legends in every sense of the word. Regardless of the result, thank you to all of you for the unforgettable memories and if there’s any justice in Football, we will win because we deserve this. COYW!”