Opposition Focus: Wigan


We spoke to Wigan fan, Stuart ahead of our game against them…

How satisfied are you with your season so far? Have you done better or worse than you expected?

Wigan fans will concede we’ve had a turbulent season to say the least. At the back end of last year we couldn’t stop conceding last minute goals and were firmly rooted in the bottom of the table.

The contrast since then has been miraculous. One of the top form teams in the league since January, we’ve shown what a strong team we are.

Who’s been your standout player so far this season?

A single stand out player is hard to say, as it’s the team unity that’s brought around the change. Much credit has to be given to our captain Sam Morsy.

The introduction of Leon Balogun from Brighton in January shored up our defence and can’t go unmentioned.

8-0 vs Hull? How have you done that!?

The Hull result was insane!

We’ve gone through a lot as a club over the last month or two, and that Hull fixture was the team proving to themselves and the wider footballing world that Wigan Athletic don’t go down without a fight!

How do you think going into administration will affect you? Do you think it will have an impact on this season or only next season?

Going into administration has been so difficult for the fans. Most of us just don’t understand. We have been a well run club, with debts no higher and in fact considerably lower than most Championship clubs.

We feel victims of anonymous owners who have played the Hong Kong stock markets and used Wigan Athletic, before cruelly discarding them. It’s worrying for any club when you see how easily this can be allowed to happen. EFL need to look long and hard at the whole “Fit and Proper” test. Unfortunately our immediate future lies in the hands of the administrators and our league position, if we survive, depends on beating Fulham on Wednesday and Charlton or Luton not winning their remaining fixture.

What positions are your weakest at the moment and where do you need to strengthen the most?

We can’t really comment on the future of the squad as realistically we know there will no doubt be many changes during the administration and potential take over should we find a buyer.

We simply pray our club can both survive and then ultimately thrive.

Fulham VS Wigan: what’s the first thing that comes to mind from years gone by?

Selfishly I don’t want Fulham promoted. Not because I dislike you, quite the opposite, I had a brilliant weekend away watching Fulham v Wigan in September, love your ground, enjoyed time with your fans and I promised we’d go again next season.

How do you see the game going?

Wigan will be up for the win on Wednesday. Here’s hoping the top of the league is decided by half time, and Fulham have the sense to rest players for the play offs!! Hopefully we can beat you Wednesday and I’ll have half a chance of returning to Craven Cottage next year!

Top 6 and Bottom 3 predictions

I still think Brentford should get that second promotion spot, a really strong team when we played them the other week.

Relegation is tight and predicting what’s going to happen is impossible.

I’ve said for a while 48 points is the cut off, our 8-0 against Hull helped our goal difference tremendously.

Thank you to Stuart (The West Stand) for answering our questions!