Interview: Kit Symons


There’s not many people that have served Fulham Football Club as broadly as Kit Symons. As a player he achieved two title winning promotions, worked as a scout, a coach at several levels and then of course as manager. Fulham Focus’ Dannyboi had the pleasure of speaking to Kit in a very detailed phone call. This is part 1 where we ‘Focus’ on how Kit got into football in the first place, why he chose to play for Wales, the Keegan team as well as that famous night up at Blackburn under Tigana amongst much more. We hope you enjoy it.




No intro this time, just straight back into the thick of it with Dannyboi chatting to Kit Symons about his career at Fulham continuing where we left off in part one. In part two we finish off chatting about Kit’s time as a player, why he left etc… Then we move onto his time at Fulham in his other roles focusing mainly on his time as manager. We hope you enjoy it.