Random Musings with Random People #1

Jackandloz have become household names in the Fulham blogging world and are good friends of Fulham Focus. Following the success of our Q&A series, they head out and about to interview random fans about their Fulham stories. Be it at the ground, in the pub or the train. Here’s #1 in their new Focus series ‘Random Musings with Random People’.

We met Ollie in Hammersmith Pret before the Leeds match. We discussed the toasted sandwich selection for a while before turning to more important matters. We were bowled over by Ollie’s longstanding passion for the club and her memories of following Fulham’s fortunes through boarding school.

Who are ya?

I first came to the Cottage with my grandfather when I was 5. I wanted to come to football with him because I didn’t want to go shopping with my grandmother and mother. Things were different back then and the children all got pushed to the front of the stands to get a better view. 71 years later and I now sit in the Riverside stand with my husband who was already a Fulham fan when I met him. We go to almost all the away games on the coach.

What is your fondest Fulham memory?

We helped start up Fulham 2000 and were very involved in the campaign. In those days players would come into the lounge and we used to chat to them.

What is your darkest Fulham moment?

Travelling back on the coach from Swansea after we lost there in May 1994 and were relegated to the third division

Who would be your 3 Fulham related dinner guests?

Johnny Haynes, Tony Gale and Terry Angus

Do you have a Fulham claim to fame?

We used to drive Robbie Herrera home sometimes

What makes Fulham special to you?

I went to boarding school and whilst other girls had pictures of film stars, I had pictures of Johnny Haynes. He signed a program for me once. I painted my hockey stick black and white. We played hockey on Saturday afternoons and on the way back I would always go out of my way to find out the result of that day’s Fulham match

What has been your highlight of the season so far?

The away win at Sheffield United

Describe Fulham in 3 words.

Love of my life

Obviously, that’s 4 words but as we wholeheartedly agree with them that’s good enough for us!