Podcast: WBA Preview + Zoltan Gera in Focus

“And it’s in from Gera! How about that?! Fantasy Fulham! There’s a tidal wave on the Thames!”

Words, commentary, poetry. Call it what you like but there’s one man who made it possible. Take a bow Mr Zoltan Gera, who became a club legend in a moment of magic that no Fulham fan will ever forget.

Join us for this week’s podcast as Matt Boisclair, Matt ‘Statto’ Arter and Morgan Calton preview this weekend’s return to club football as Fulham host WBA. The current regime is hungry for success and who better to Focus our attention on in the second half of the show for this week’s ‘Player Focus’ than the Hungarian who whet even the fussiest of eater’s appetites during his 3-year spell with the club.

Bon appetit!