Hall of Heroes: Gentleman Jim

Credit: Fulham FC

For those who are occasionally unable to spur Fulham on at home or away on match-day, the opportunity to tune into the club’s live commentary of the day’s proceedings is always a worthy alternative, a method of attaining that needed football fix which is artistically, concisely manned by none other than one of our own, Jim ‘Gentleman Jim’ McGullion, of course. As passionate and avid as any Fulham fan could be, Jim is someone who embodies everything which is expected from a die-hard supporter; be it jubilant or damning, his words of conveyance at every touch, flick and blast of the ball paints a vibrant picture for us all to envision, alongside raising notable, plausible points of discussion or indeed debate on all matters surrounding our beloved, beautiful club by the river.

A lifetime supporter, be it on the terraces or the gantry, ‘Gentleman Jim’s’ encapsulating portrayals can be heard far and wide predominantly via FFCRadio – whether it’s Hammersmith you inhabit or even further afield in the States for example, his frantic, bemused, delirious vocal tones can be enjoyed by us all at literally a single press of a button, and though at times he may unintentionally stray beyond the point with humorous, somewhat arbitrary tangents besides the match at hand, he’s got to be hailed as one of Fulham’s greats, a figure which may not be familiar in the flesh to those unknowing, but certainly distinguishable to the masses which are more than accustom to his familiar, welcome voice, especially once the referee has sounded his whistle at kick-off.

Without taking his listeners for granted week in, week out, Jim is outspokenly gracious and thankful for the following he’s accumulated over the many years he’s clasped the microphone for the Cottagers. For decades now, Jim has been there with the rest of us at Craven Cottage or on the road, through thick and thin he’s had his opinions for us all to take note of and dissect at our own leisure, and for that alone we, ourselves, can be forever grateful that we’ve got one of the game’s most engaging, charismatic fanatics in charge of the club’s official airwaves.

As we all know, being a Fulham fan is never easy. The ecstatic moments of which we’ve all enjoyed and basked in walk side-by-side with the dire, desolate spates of our existence, but fundamentally that’s what makes us come running back for more – wherever there’s a ticket to be sold, the Cottage is always filled to the rafters with those who long to be there and the away allocation is never without the plucky, united faithful which just had to be there, even if the destination is Queens Park Rangers’ pokey Loftus Road. But rest assured that there’s going to be someone primed and ready to make sense of the madness, Jim will always be present alongside us, berating, applauding and going absolutely ape whenever it’s appropriate to do so – or not, naturally.

In essence, this post’s intention is purely to pay homage to Jim, the gentleman which rain or shine, sleet or snow is willing to gift to us his witty, assuring utterances, a unique, quirky commentary style which effortlessly sets us apart from the rest. There’s always drama where Fulham is concerned, and with Jim on board, there’s certainly always someone raring to illustrate every phase of play emotively, fairly and above all, amorously. As we’re sent into rapture thanks to a goal in our favour, inaudible, aberrant shrieks of euphoria also bellow from Jim, leaving us all fist-pumping and wheeling around the living room to the sound devoted, unparalleled passion, a love for Fulham which is glorious and highly contagious. There’s simply no one else like him in his profession, and we’re all very much eager to stay tuned for the vast, foreseeable future. May you continue to depict and entertain, Jim.

Jamie Reid tribute to Jim:

Gentleman Jim is, without doubt, a hero to us Fulham fans and a very popular figure around Craven Cottage. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside him and get to know him personally. Jim cares passionately about the team and this comes across in the commentaries that he provides, which prove incredibly popular with supporters all around the world.

Jim’s knowledge of Fulham Football Club is there for all to see and his welcoming manner only adds to the appeal. I have been incredibly impressed by his all-round knowledge of the club and watching him sign autographs for young fans, on numerous occasions, shows how much he is appreciated by young and old.

For his sheer longevity alone, many supporters feel that Jim deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Heroes but his value runs way beyond this and his commentaries continue to appeal to fans of all ages.

Thank you Jim for being both a great friend and work colleague.