Peter Jones

Why Fulham?

I am local, I grew up in Fulham went to school in Fulham and my Grandad loved Johnny Haynes, Fulham have and will always be my team.


Favourite match?

Carlisle away Micky Adams season, that was so special, and I still remember that weekend as if it was yesterday.


Favourite goal?

This is easy, who put the ball in the Carlisle net? RODNEY MCAREE!


Favourite season?

96/97 Micky Adams, from out of darkness comes light.


Favourite current and/or ever player?

Current Player- Ryan Sessegnon, this young boy from over the water in Roehampton will go on to be some player.

Ever Player-

1.Louis Saha, for almost two years he was unplayable!

2.Tony Gale, watching a young Tony Gale stroke the ball around was like watching myself play!

3.‘Harry Bayles’, Barry Hayles was just a cult hero, when we changed the chant to Oh Harry Bayles instead of Barry Hayles and it made the match programme we knew he had earned cult hero status!!


What made you get involved with the walk?

This is a brilliant story… when I was 18 years old in my first real job I used to sit next to Lee’s Dad Bob Adams! I actually invited Lee and his brother along with their Dad to their first Fulham match, it was a glamour game ‘Fulham v Barnet in Division 3 back in 1993’ so you could say it’s my fault that Lee is now part of the Fulham family and we have remained in touch ever since.


How’s training going?

I am reasonably fit and in shape for a 43-year-old, but other than my normal routine the furthest I have walked since the Reading adventure is probably to the pub, so my training is still very much work in progress. The good news is I have a plan in place to make sure I am in peak condition, I just need to stick to it!


If you could pick one person from Fulham past or present to walk the final few miles with you who would it be & why?

Just over 20 years ago we all went to a Fulham away match and my closest friend Matthew Fox did not come home. I couldn’t wish for anything more than to walk the last few miles with my mate Foxy. He was Forever Fulham and is Forever my Friend!


You’re going to need a few tunes to keep you going. Which artist features most on your playlist and what’s your guilty pleasure song?

I don’t really wear headphones when walking but if I was running it would be Oasis, The Jam, some Soulful New York Garage then naturally I would introduce the Rocky montage as I take on the last few miles.


Will you make kick-off?

Seriously, I never make kick off what a strange question! 


What luxury item will you be taking with you?

My wife Jane as she is joining us for the last two stages of the walk.


What’s going to be the toughest part of this whole experience?

Hours of conversation with Julian Church!


Finally, Pie or Pasty, which filling?

Double Pie, Double Mash, Double Liquor from Harrington’s Pie & Mash Shop, Selkirk Road, Tooting.