Owen Brown

Why Fulham?

My first ever Fulham game was against Juventus at home. Was never into watching football at all but walking through Bishops park at night. The atmosphere during that game was nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my life. My dad turned around and said do you fancy getting a season ticket next season, and we’ve been going ever since.


Favourite Match?

My favourite match would be Juventus at home but I wasn’t a fan till after the game so that doesn’t count so I would say Fulham vs Arsenal 2012 we won 2-1. Bobby Zamora last minute volleyed one in to win it. Plus, Sidwell scored to make it 1-1 in 90 odd minutes as well.


Favourite goal?

My favourite goal ever, damn that’s a hard one it would between Berbatov’s volley vs Stoke I sat in the riverside ZL at the time and had the perfect angle of it. Was beautiful or Cairney vs Leeds last season. The goal was special but the way the game went it was just perfect. I would have to say Berbatov’s volley.


Favourite season?

My favourite season has to be 16/17. The football we played at times was class. So many quality games throughout the season, especially Huddersfield away. Was just a shame we couldn’t go one step further then we did.


Favourite current and/or ever player?

My favourite player has to be Berbatov. I’ve never seen someone play the game he did, made everything look so easy and elegant. I remember the touch he did vs Aston Villa when he controlled from 50/60 yards like it was nothing. What a player he was.


What made you get involved with the walk?

When I saw Lee and a few people did the walk to Reading last season. I wanted to get involved, CALM is such a great charity and knowing people that have been suffered with depression I feel like it’s only right to help and get people talking.


How’s training going?

Training is going well, I think it’s hard to prepare yourself for what we are doing. 12+ hours walking non-stop for 3 Days. It’ll be more mentally preparing myself then physically.


If you could pick one person from Fulham past or present to walk the final few miles with you who would it be & why?

Tricky one… which player I would have join for the walk? I would have to say, Scott Parker. The last few miles will be the hardest and knowing Scott Parker was there a true leader helping us on would be perfect.


You’re going to need a few tunes to keep you going. Which artist features most on your playlist and what’s your guilty pleasure song?

I listen to all sorts of music anything with a half decent beat no rap and all that. Not even music.


Will you make kick-off?

100% easily. The only thing stopping me from making kick off is myself. And I will fight through the pain barrier and make it with ease.


What luxury item will you be taking with you?

Probably my hair wax, my hair has to look on point everyday lol.


What’s going to be the toughest part of this whole experience?

The toughest part is probably going to be the recovery at the end of each night.


Finally, Pie or Pasty, which filling?

Cheese and onion pasty all day long! It makes your breath stink but it’s worth it!