Lee Adams

Why Fulham?

Summer of 93, Peter who is on the walk invited me my dad and brother down, that day in February was the day I feel I love aged 10.


Favourite match? 

A few to pick from but Juventus at home.


Favourite goal? 

Sean Davis up at Blackburn.


Favourite season? 

2009/10 that Europa league season was stunning. 


Favourite current and/or ever player? 

Current player would have to be Piazon, I love his passion.


What made you get involved with the walk?

I started the campaign for CALM 3 years ago as I had suffered mental health problems and wanted to change people’s beliefs. 12 men a day commit suicide… things need to change.


How’s training going? 

Really well, I’m itching to get on with it.


If you could pick one person from Fulham past or present to walk the final few miles with you who would it be & why?

Barry Hayles, he still plays and has so much passion plus we would have a laugh.


You’re going to need a few tunes to keep you going. Which artist features most on your playlist and what’s your guilty pleasure song? 

That’s a hard question as my mood dictates as to what music I listen too. Could be soca, 90’s but Paul Weller is my ultimate hero. Guilty pleasure song is “best in me” by Blue… I’m a soft sod at heart.


Will you make kick-off? 

Without question fella.


What luxury item will you be taking with you? 

Deep heat definitely, plus plasters.


What’s going to be the toughest part of this whole experience? 

I think day three will be very hard but we all have to stick together and keep moving.


Finally, Pie or Pasty, which filling? 

Pasty all day long, cheese and onion.