Jane Jones

So, you are a Fulham girl, Husband and boys support the Whites but your family all support Chelsea! Do you sit on the fence or do your loyalties lie to one in particular?

I am Fulham girl but I would have to say that in my youth I favoured the Colour blue!

However, I blossomed and after a slight diversion to the colours of Leeds United in the late 90s, I would say I’ve matured into the comfort of the Whites! 


Favourite match?

Probably the Final of UEFA Europa League! Admittedly most of it was watched behind our living room sofa In Spain, other than the result I also say my husband and 2 sons break down in an emotional group hug just after the winning goal.


Favourite goal?

It’s one that is Fulham related but not by the 1st team. Harry my eldest played for Fulham Development team from the age of 4 and it happened to be the last game of a tournament before we moved away so his very last match for them, Harry was 8 years old and he banged a penalty straight into the top corner which won them the match, that was some moment.


Favourite season?

Well, it’s a choice of two 95/96 and Fulham‘s lowest league position but also the year I met Peter and my relationship with Fulham started or fast forward to 00/01 which was the year we got married and Fulham got promoted to the Premiership… I’d like to think that success had something to do with me?


Favourite current and/or ever player?

Current Player – Ryan Sessegnon local hero future legend.

Ever Player – Louis Saha a fantastic player and we had a goldfish named after him and also another goldfish named ‘Jimmy Inamoto’…luckily their careers lasted longer than our fish!


What made you get involved with the walk?

The walk is for a fantastic cause and admittedly I am only joining for the last 40 or so miles but hopefully will bring some fresh energy and humour… also we are talking about male suicide and raising awareness. Ladies talk to the men in your life let and them know that sometimes it’s ok to feel shit but it’s even shittier not to talk!


How’s training going?

The training is going great, but I love walking everywhere so it’s been easy to do…Peter may disagree as he says that my walking pace is his idea of a steady run!


Is it an advantage doing this alongside your husband, extra support, not having to miss him etc or would you consider it a disadvantage not getting rid of him lol? I know what my wife would say!

Actually, I get the best of both worlds a few nights on my own full control of the sofa and tv remote and then the chance to share something that he is passionate about well two things actually Fulham and CALM oh and an extra night in a Swanky Birmingham hotel!


If you could pick one person from Fulham past or present to walk the final few miles with you who would it be & why? (Doesn’t have to be Fulham, I can adjust if you’d rather pick a random celebrity)

Mmm, who would I like… Tom Hardy surely, he’s played for Fulham? Maybe acted as a Fulham player? Ok maybe not but watch this space how about Tom playing George Best in his life story?


You’re going to need a few tunes to keep you going. Which artist features most on your playlist and what’s your guilty pleasure song?

Well, I don’t mind a bit of Drum & Bass to keep my walking pace up… a guilty pleasure for the final mile Survivor from Rocky!


Will you make kick-off?

Of course, I’ll make kick off… ok, maybe not if there’s a Spa and Sky sports at the hotel!


What luxury item will you be taking with you?

A toilet roll, hand sanitiser and a bottle of prosecco!


What is going to be the toughest part of this whole experience?

Hardest part? I am feeling confident that it’s going to be a great experience…. but ok maybe needing the loo in the middle of nowhere!


Finally, pie or pasty, which filling?

I’m sausage roll kinda girl if I’m honest!