Clare Parish

Why Fulham?

It’s in the blood – 3rd generation supporter.  My Granddad took me into the Johnny Haynes stand when I was a shy, wee teen – kids for a quid.  My first match was 25th Feb 1995 v. Barnet and we won 4-0 (League Div3). Fell immediately in love with everything that Fulham had to offer me!


Favourite game?

Two really STAND OUT for me: the 19/3/06 win 1-0 against Chelsea at home and the 0-1 away day to Charlton 11/05/03 – saying goodbye to Steve Finnan meant a lot to me.


Favourite goal?

The one that meant the most to me was Danny Murphy’s great escape goal at Pompey in May 2008.  I was 5 months pregnant with my baby girl – I don’t know how I wasn’t more of an emotional wreck!  I always tell Fliss that she was there and supporting Fulham during the Great Escape – she is now heading to her 3rd season as a Season Ticket holder.


Favourite season?

Hard one – 1998/99 personally was fun as I was young, free and wild and taking all my friends to the Cottage and loving life!  Also, the 2000/2001 season for very obvious reasons – it was magical and pure joy from start to finish!


Favourite current and/or ever player?

Again, another hard one – I adored Steve Finnan, Chris Baird – legend, Brian McBride – just everything a player should be in my book – too hard to pick only one.  Ryan Sess – so young, talented and with such humility – such admiration for him too!  Sorry – I can’t pick just one!


What made you get involved in the walk?

I like to exercise – for me, it’s an integral part of maintaining good mental health, I like meeting new people and challenging myself. I believe in the charity and what they stand for.  I have recommended people at work speak to them in my capacity as a Mental Health First Aider so wanted to do something for CALM in return of my colleagues utilising their services.  I came across Lee’s tweets and just almost felt a calling to do this!  Lee also seems very open and friendly, so I didn’t feel like a plum contacting him out of the blue to see if ‘girls were allowed’ to do this walk too!

How’s training going? 

Ok (I think!), I’m pretty fit anyway as I go to the gym 4/5 times a week so hopefully, that will help!  Owen and I walked 8.5 miles from our hometown to Fulham for the Leeds match the other day and it was fine so will do a few more of those.  I’m sure the others will say the same, that it is hard to find time sometimes so it’s just squeezing in training opportunities when I can!


If you could pick one player from Fulham past or present to walk the final few miles with you who would it be and why?

Luis Boa Morte – another legend and someone I think would just be an absolute riot – we would have a proper giggle with Louis Bo and I reckon he’d be up for giving me a piggyback too!


You’re going to need a few tunes to keep you going. Which artists feature on your playlist and what’s guilty pleasure song?

Thin Lizzy are the greatest band in the world to me – I will listen to Roisin Dubh about 400 times on this walk (sublime guitar work that sends shivers down my spine every time!) The Greatest Showman soundtrack is also phenomenal and inspiring, so they will keep me going for sure! Guilty pleasure:  Kylie Minogue’s Red-Blooded Woman – Kylie is a Goddess – I love her. Also, any late 90’s club tracks – I can pretend I am an energetic 18-year-old again to keep me going 🙂


Will you make Kick-off?

Abso-flippin-lutely – even if we have to drag each other by the ears – I know I’m not the only stubborn, tenacious bugger in the group – we’ll all make it for sure – failure is not an option!


What luxury item will you be taking with you?

Some cooling peppermint foot cream and my childhood cuddly toy, Popple!


What’s going to be the toughest part of this whole experience?

Being away from my daughter as we are always together and I’m a soppy bugger 🙂


Finally, Pie or Pasty, which filling?

Apple pie with custard. I’ve never had a pasty my whole life!