Q&A with the Magic Mod

The Magic Mod is a very talented magician but perhaps the most magical thing about him is the fact that he’s a Fulham supporter. Fulham Focus’ Dannyboi spoke to ‘Magic’ to find out how his love for Magic on and off the pitch started…

DB – Hi Magic, thanks for doing this for us mate. 

MM – No worries at all, more than happy to help.

DB – So how did you become a Fulham supporter?

MM – My dad took me to my first Fulham game when I was six and then it just felt right. I loved everything about it, the atmosphere, the ground, everything. 

DB – I’ve seen you around the Cottage quite a few times but never in the stands. Where about do you sit?

MM – I’ve sat in the Cottage a few times through meeting some of the players. I normally sit in the Riverside or Hammersmith end. Or I just float about! 

DB – What’s been your favourite moment supporting the club?

MM – Without a shadow of a doubt, it has to be the Europa League Final. That was ‘magical!’ 

DB – I’m assuming your occupation makes it impossible for you to go to every game. So which match do you regret missing the most?

MM – To be fair, I’ve always made sure I was available for all the big games. So I never really miss any that I wished I was at. I’ve been to plenty where I wish I wasn’t though! 

DB – Who makes your favourite Fulham eleven in your lifetime?

MM – Van Der Sar,Volz,Goma,Coleman,Brevett,Malbranque,Davis,Legwinski,Boa Morte,Saha & McBride. 

The formation would be all over the place but there are too many to choose from! I think I’ve got more than one favourite eleven. 

DB – Have you got a favourite goal?

MM – Sean Davis against Blackburn – absolute scenes! 

DB – How about both your favourite ever and or favourite current players?

MM – Favourite ever- Boa Morte, the guy was an absolute genius. 

Favourite current- Johansen, I think he will be a crucial player for the club! 

DB – I’ve never spoken to a magician before. So I’ve got to ask a few questions about it. Did you always want to be a magician growing up?

MM – I’ve always loved magic but I couldn’t see myself making a career out of it. But the older I got the more sense it made. 

DB – Who inspired you to become a magician?

MM – Paul Daniels, hands down. He is the master of all magicians and the reason why so many have become magicians. 

DB – What was the first trick you learnt and who did you practice it on? Did it work?!

MM – I had a Paul Daniels set and most of my first ones were from that set. I’d always practise on my mum and dad. I was hooked on this set and I’d like to think that the tricks went right! 

DB – Who came up with your stage name?

MM – My sister and her husband over a bottle of wine. 

DB – What are you up to now and how can people follow you and see more of your work?

MM – This year has probably been the best so far for me. I’ve been on Soccer Am, Isle of Wight Festival and been on tour with the Libertines. I’ve got a lot coming up too! 

You can follow me on twitter @taylormod or have a look at my website www.themagicmod.com

DB – Looking back at the great escape who’s a better magician, Hodgson or yourself and what are your thoughts of that season?

MM – Good question, I’m still going to have to say myself as I’ve never seen Hodgson with a deck of cards. However, that season was amazing and what Hodgson did for the club was incredible and I’ll never forget that season. 

DB – Below there’s a video of the time you went to Motspur Park and showed off your tricks to the players. Must have been a lot of fun entertaining your own clubs players?

MM – Fulham have always been really great with helping me in my career. I got invited to do an interview by the Fulltime Magazine, it was good fun and Scott Parker was on top form! I had an amazing time and I’m glad that I’m able to keep in touch with the players.

DB – Did any of the players show off any magic tricks of their own? Judging by the team that year it wouldn’t have been with a football lol!

MM – No one ever showed me a trick. Stockdale asked me to teach him one once and he picked it up really quickly! I was shocked. 

DB – I normally see you with Barry Hayles, are you good mates with Bazza and do you get to meet many players through the club?

MM – Baz is a top guy and a good friend. Barry and I formed our friendship after doing the charity games. I also formed friendships with a lot of the Fulham legends like Kit Symons, Sean Davis, Rufus Brevett etc. We keep in touch and it’s never a dull moment when we catch up. 

DB – Who’s the coolest person you’ve done a trick on?

MM – That would have to be Paul Weller or Liam Gallagher, both legends in their own right and heroes in my eyes.

DB – Is there a particular season or match that you would like to go back and make ‘disappear’?

MM – The season when we got relegated. The less we say about that, the better. 

DB – You played in the all-star charity match at the Cottage a couple of years ago. Must have been a great feeling sitting in that changing room with all those ex-players and playing alongside them?!

MM – The first year, I played on the celebrity all-star side and the atmosphere in the dressing room was like going to a QPR game at home, there weren’t any. 

The second year I played for the Fulham all-star team and the atmosphere was amazing and most of the time the joke was on me. 

DB – Where do you hope to see both Fulham and your career in 5 years time?

MM – Ideally, I would like to see Fulham back in the Premier League. But to be fair no matter where they go I will be there supporting them because I am Fulham through and through. 

Hopefully, with my career, the sky is the limit. 

DB – Finally Magic, it’s our favourite question…..pie or pasty, which filling?

MM – I’m going to have to play it safe and say the traditional Cornish Pasty. 

DB – Proper hero mate, great effort with those answers. Thanks again for taking the time to do this for us. I’ll buy you a pint next time I see ya down at the Cottage, and then maybe you can turn it into 3 pints to save us a bit of cash lol.

MM – Haha, no worries mate. Really enjoyed answering the questions. 

Speak to ya soon Dan, Magic!