Dave’s Quiz: Fulham Goalkeepers

Dave’s got another quiz for you, this time it’s on Fulham’s goalkeepers. See how you get on and let us know how you did via twitter!

Where was Maik Taylor born?

In the April 1995 league match against Hartlepool, who came on as sub keeper for his only appearance?

At Middlesbrough in 1982-83 season, who went in goal early in the match to replace the injured Gerry Peyton?

After securing the Division 1 title in 2001, who played in goal in our final match of the season at Grimsby?

Which keeper has made most first team appearances?

Who played in goal during our first Intertoto match against FC Haka?

John Vaughan was the goalkeeper for our League Cup 2nd round ties against Liverpool in 1986. How many goals in total did he concede?

Who played in goal when we last beat the other side from SW6 in March 2006?