Fulham Focus is a website created by the fans for the fans. We hope to give you a variety of coverage on all things Fulham. After all, what else is there to ‘Focus’ on?!  Between our three features explained below as well as Dave’s Quizzes on featured Fulham topics we hope that Fulham fans of all ages can get something out of our website. 

Podcast – The Fulham Focus podcast is hosted by Morgan Calton. Morgan will be joined by regular co-hosts Jon Shaub, Matthew Baldwin and Matt Domm who will alternate with the odd appearance from David Hulley as well as other members of the Focus team. Morgan is a Fulham fan as are all of the Focus Team.

We don’t claim to be the most professional or the best. What we hope to replicate is your typical chat down the pub before and after a game. Full of banter, emotion, passion and the ‘expertise’ all fans think they have when talking about football.

Shows will be every 2 weeks released on either a Wednesday/Thursday although our lives outside of Focus Towers may change this on the odd occasion. All shows and updates will be announced on Twitter so please follow us and that should ensure that you are always in the loop.

Q&As –  All Q&As are conducted by Dannyboi who interviews a wide range of people learning more about their experience whilst representing Fulham. These range from ex-players of last season to players who played for Fulham 50 years ago, ex-staff, celeb fans and supporters who have served the club in a unique way.  They are a combination of both written & audio Q&As.

Blog – Our blog branches into three sections, a General Fulham blog, the Hall of heroes and our TOOFIF contributions.

General blog – The majority of these will be written by ‘the blog squad’ which is a team of Fulham supporters of various ages and styles that we have recruited to try and emphasise that this website is for the fans. These bloggers will write about anything they like providing it’s Fulham related of course! By using more than one person we hope to provide variety and different opinions to avoid the blog becoming repetitive. These supporters are listed in our ‘meet the team’ section.

Hall of Heroes – This section is dedicated to anyone who has served the club that Fulham Focus consider worthy to be classed as a Fulham hero. A blog will be released talking about this person’s time at the club as well as some personal views from the writer. Once the blog is released to the public, that particular person will be placed in the ‘Fulham Focus Hall of Heroes’.

TOOFIF contributions – TOOFIF is a magazine founded in 1987 and still produced by the legend that is David Lloyd. Fulham Focus is proud to support TOOFIF and recommends all Fulham fans to buy it. By making our contributions to each edition available to read on our website we hope to give you a taster of what TOOFIF offers and encourage you to buy it!

The latest edition will be sold at several sale points around the Cottage on matchdays and details of TOOFIF’s latest edition will be tweeted by us several times in the build-up to the game. If you miss that particular game don’t panic as they are usually sold for several home games after the release. Alternatively for more info on how to subscribe please contact dmltoofif@blueyonder.co.uk

Dave’s Quizzes – an additional feature of Fulham Focus. Focus Blogger Dave Wilson is one of the most knowledgeable Fulham fans we have come across when it comes to the club’s history. Have a go at his series of Fulham related quizzes and see if you can take on his challenges.

That’s the website explained, to learn more about the supporters who run it check out the ‘meet the team’ section. Thank you for visiting Fulham Focus, we hope you enjoy the experience!